Fishing On Lake Ninevah, Vermont, from Hearthside Lake Rental

Bass fishing on Lake Ninevah

Lake Ninevah, in Mt. Holly, Vermont, has numerous fish species. Native species include: Chain Pickerel, Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Rock Bass, Bullhead (catfish), Bluegill, Sunfish and Perch.

Nightcrawlers catch just about everything, even the Pickerel if your worms are large. If you want extra large, fat nightcrawlers, go up on the road along Hearthside with a flashlight and catch all you need in the area where road-edge meets shoulder. Mepps and other spinners work well for Pickerel and Bass.

Poppers, floaters in the evening for lunker Bass and Pickerel. The Large and Smallmouth bass reach gigantic proportions in Lake Ninevah. 7+ pounds are common. Head over to the swamp just before sunrise and catch humongous Chain Pickerel which fight good and taste good as well. White flaky meat and easy to pick out the bones. The Bullhead (catfish) are sweet and flaky white meat -- have a Catfish grill-fest with all you can catch!

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Chain Pickerel "Lunkers" abound in Lake Ninevah
Pickerel fishing on Lake Ninevah

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